Experience of use Hondrox

Acute arthritis before treatment with Hondrox spray

Elena's spray review from Varna

Spray Hondrox I bought when my arthritis worsened. My feet were so swollen that I couldn't bear the pain. I can't even move my fingers, let alone walk. The doctor recommends this spray as an adjuvant therapy because his other patients have positive experiences with this drug.

Where did I order Hondrox?

I chose the official website of the manufacturer. What is important to me is that the original spray is coming, not a fake one. The product was delivered quickly, and I arranged a courier from the post office. I pay after receiving the product.

Healthy legs after treatment with Hondrox spray

The nuances of the application

The package with the Hondrox preparation contains detailed instructions on how to use the spray. I followed the manufacturer's recommendations-I use it in the morning and evening. The inflammation decreased slightly immediately after use. This effect lasted for 4-5 hours, and then the legs became swollen again.

But I decided not to give up and complete the whole course. By the way, my doctor extended the duration of medication to 2 months. The first long-lasting effect appears 3 weeks after regular use of the product. There was no swelling of the legs after 12 hours. Gradually, within a period of time from the first application to the second application, anesthesia is sufficient to begin.

I completed the treatment 2 weeks ago. Arthritis didn't bother me anymore. After regular use of Hondrox, the skin condition has improved. The doctor advised me to receive a course of spray treatment every 1. 5 months to avoid repeated deterioration of arthritis.